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Living Retired

You have retired from the work force and have more time for leisure activities.  Hopefully it’s time to enjoy the wealth you have built, using that hard earned super to pay you a regular pension.  You may also be ready to apply for an Age Pension.


Things you may like to achieve or consider at this stage of your life include:

  • Making your retirement savings last while still maintaining your lifestyle

  • Increasing your retirement income

  • Reviewing your insurance needs

  • Reviewing your estate plan

  • Applying for the Age Pension

  • Leaving money to your family



We can help to:

  • Maximise the income from your retirement savings

  • Cancelling insurances that are no longer needed

  • Communicate with Centrelink and calculate your Age Pension entitlements

  • Make recommendations around estate planning (wills and power of attorneys)

How much superannuation will you need?

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