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Our Values


Our values need to reflect yours, for a successful partnership.  If you think like us, then contact us today.

We put our clients first, always. That's how we make a difference....


With that in mind Harvest Wealth will always be:

Open, Honest and Transparent

  • Open, honest and transparent about the fees we charge and earn - these will be reported in our fee disclosure statements

  • Open, honest and transparent about any associations or conflicts of interest. 

  • Always act with honesty and integrity fairness and respect.

  • Open and honest about the risk of investments - we will complete a risk assessment and always recommend investments in line with your risk profile




  • Respectful communication - we will speak in simple, plain language to ensure you understand what we are proposing

  • Respectful of your privacy - we know we are privileged to hold private information about you.  We will only use this information to provide financial services and will never disclose this information to third parties without your consent.

  • Respectful of your ability to make decisions for yourself.  We won't tell you what to do.  We will give you the information you require to make an infomed decision and provide you with a recommendation.

  • We will never deliberately deceive you or treat you in a biased or unfair manner



  • We will conduct all our professional duties responsibly and within the bounds of all Australian laws

  • We will work within the Finance Industry's code of conduct and acknowledge that we must always do more than the standards enshrined in law and other standards.

  • You can trust us to always report any suspected breaches tor standards and assist any legal/professional body in investigations and audits

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