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Planning For Retirement

The children are no longer dependent on you and your debt levels are lower or (hopefully!) you are debt free.  Perhaps you have received a lump sum payment or inheritance and are unsure how best to manage the extra money.

You are most likely starting to think about when you are going to retire and the biggest question of all – Will I have enough to live off in retirement?  How much do I need to retire maintaining my current lifestyle?


Things you may like to achieve or consider at this stage of your life include:

  • Setting your retirement plan and creating a transition to retirement plan

  • Increasing savings and minimising tax expenses to help you reach your retirement plan earlier

  • Will I need government assistance to provide or top up my income?

  • Reducing your work hours as you move to retirement

  • Review your super  to ensure it is invested in a way you are comfortable with

  • Reviewing your insurance needs with reduced dependency and debt

  • Reviewing your estate plan


We can help to:

  • Review your goals and helping formulate a plan to achieve your retirement goals

  • Create a debt reduction plan

  • Maximise income and minimise tax bills with a transition to retirement plan

  • Review your superannuation

  • Review your circumstances to ensure you are not paying too much for insurance and are not covered for insurance you no longer need.

  • Make recommendations around estate planning (wills and power of attorneys)

Building for Retirement

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